Chairperson: Stacey Walterson
Members: Ardith Cook, Neil Jonker, Jane Wells-Ferrell, Karen Ivison, Kori Van Ryssel, Kori Kelly,  Lisa Zubert, Julia Minnis, Joanna Neufeld, Kristy Peterson, Laura Wolfe, Kim Reid

Responsible for providing ways of learning by which all ages may experience and grow in their Christian faith. The duties associated with this responsibility are:

Sunday School

  • Setting up year calendar and choosing Biblical themes for the curriculum, in consultation with the Minister(s)
  • Recruiting and supporting Shepherds and Workshop Leaders
  • Co-ordinating with Congregational Singing Leader
  • Organizing Christmas Pageant
  • Planning Congregational Picnic


  • Supporting youth programming
  • Encouraging Confirmation
  • Updating bulletins, bulletin boards, providing info to update webpage and Church Chatter regarding Youth and Sunday School


  • Supporting Adult Education
  • Encouraging Bible Studies and educational programs
  • Considering an outreach activity/event
  • Maintaining the Church Library
  • Maintaining the Sunday School Roll