Chairperson:    Debbie Penner
Brd Members:  Nancy MacLean, © Arline Christopherson, Richard Radey, Edna Kargus.  Nettie Rayner looks after the Casserole Ministry.

Responsible for ensuring the Congregation is provided with the Pastoral supports and care needed throughout one’s life. The duties associated with this responsibility are:

  • Providing training, organization and support to Pastoral Care Teams so they may assist the Ministers in visiting hospitals, personal care homes and shut-ins
  • Organizing and facilitating visiting teams to call on and/or deliver items of interest to shut-ins (cards at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, content of mailboxes, etc.)
  • Maintaining contact with church members and adherents, updating name tags and mailboxes as required
  • Acknowledging births, deaths and illness
  • Reaching out to Sunday morning visitors by having them sign the guest book, providing information on church and community, sending a welcome card, etc