Chairperson:      Hans Peper (A/Chair)
Brd Members:    Stan Penner, © Ian Reid, Ken Fanstone, Barb Zawada, Darren Dueck, Lawrie Kyle (Treasurer)

Responsible for guiding the Congregation in its Christian stewardship of all gifts, including local offerings and fundraising initiatives. The duties associated with this responsibility are:

  • Preparing and administering the Annual Budget of the church, referring any expenditure over and above the Budget to the Unified Board
  • Overseeing any fundraising activities
  • To be custodian of the Vision Fund, a financial reserve established to enable OBUC to develop and facilitiate special activities and/or programs that support our Mission and Vision Statements (those activities/programs not included in the regular annual budgeting process of any other Unified Brd Standing Committee)
  • All church rentals and the corresponding fee structures
  • Inclusive of those duties performed by the Church Treasurer, as outlined in the Constitution (pg. 7)