I was glad when they said unto me
   let us go onto the house of the Lord…
Psalm 122:1

Minister: Kristin Woodburke

Each Sunday morning, we gather together for worship and follow an order of service proudly unique to Oak Bank United. It is a time of learning, singing, prayer, and reflection. Everyone is welcome.

We start the first part of the service enjoying the connection between young and old. We embrace our tradition of lively congregational singing, and take a moment for learning together (geared mostly for children and youth, but certainly enjoyed by all!). Following some congregational singing together, the children and youth leave the sanctuary to go downstairs for their own learning time. 

Worship then transitions to a more traditional time of music, prayer, and preaching. Our senior choir is an integral part of worship—guiding us through each hymn and blending their voices in offering of the anthem. The sermon is bible-based, yet pertinent to the cultural and world issues of the day—the same issues that continue to challenge and affect all our lives.

The United Church celebrations two sacraments: communion and baptism. Communion typically occurs the first Sunday of every month and on special holidays.  Baptisms are held when requested by a family.  

It is our hope that through the experience of communal prayer and praise, worshippers leave the sanctuary not only blessed, but with a healthy curiosity to explore God’s message and call for their own lives. 


Communion is usually celebrated on the first Sunday of every month (exception would be during the summer months).  We welcome all who wish to follow the example and instruction of Jesus Christ to come to the table. “Do this in remembrance of Me.”

Children are welcome at the table. Instruction is given in Sunday School, and it is our hope that parents take the responsibility of discussing this serious part of our faith with their children.


The United Church of Canada celebrates infant baptism; however, this does not preclude children of all ages and adults. Baptism occurs at the request of the family.  Adults may be required to meet for instruction and discussion prior to the date of baptism.