The Unified Board is the governing body responsible for exercising leadership in the care and oversight of the spiritual life and interests of our church, in a faithful and prudent manner, throughout the year. Beginning and ending each monthly meeting in prayer, these members of our congregation gather to discuss, debate, and make important decisions regarding the life and work of Oak Bank United, and then, with the help of many hands, pursue the daily work of our church.

Board Chairperson: Bobbie Tucker
Vice Chair: Kori Van Ryssel
Secretary: Kim Reid
Treasurer: Lawrie Kyle

Barb Bromilow, Diane Carruthers, Ardith Cook, Alan Demler, Phil Ginter, Ashleigh Gusberti, Karen Hunt, Neil Jonker, Lawrie Kyle, David MacLean, Ed Neufeld, Joan Nurse, Laurie Peper, Nettie Rayner, Ian Reid, Kim Reid, Brenda Tjaden, Bobbie Tucker, Stacey Walterson, Jane Wells-Farrell, Barb Zawada, Doug Zawada