A Study of the Church Buildings in Manitoba of the Congregational, Methodist, Presbyterian and United Churches of Canada (250 BIN)

Bingham, Neil

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This United Church of Ours (250 MIL)

Milton, Ralph

Except for Bibles and Hymnbooks, no other book has been read and appreciated by as many United Church people. From what to wear and where to sit in church to theology and ethics, Ralph Milton covers it all with his signature easygoing style. 


Gladhearted Disciples: Equipping Your Congregation with Generous and Enduring Faith (253 FOL)

Folmsbee, Chris

Gladhearted Disciples starts with an indisputable yet often ignored reality: In a post-modern, post-Christian world, we can no longer attract people by convincing them of our “truth.”  We must instead embody the Gospel in such clear and compelling ways that they will be attracted to our way of life. This is the true measure of discipleship. Folmsbee provides a template for the spiritual formation of hopeful, grace-filled, kingdom-focused disciples who represent God’s love in the world. 

Messy Church: Fresh Ideas for Building a Christ-centred Community ( 253 MOO)

Moore, Lucy

Overflowing with creative ideas to draw the community together for fun, food, fellowship, and worship, this resource book contains 15 themed program outlines. 


Starting Your Messy Church: A Beginner’s Guide for Churches ( 253 MOO)

Moore, Lucy & Jane Leadbetter

This quick-to-read resource is structured in bite-sized sections covering the essentials of starting a Messy Church. It includes checklists, milestones, questions to ask a Messy Church you're visiting. 


Fishing Tips: How Curiosity Transformed a Community of Faith ( 253 PEN)

Pentland, Rev. Dr. John

Fishing Tips is an open invitation to be curious. Using an ancient story as inspiration, John Pentland reflects on how Hillhurst United said "Yes" to throwing the nets on the other side of convention.