The Heart of Christianity: Rediscovering A Life of Faith (230 BOR)

Borg, Marcus J.

In The Heart of Christianity, world-renowned Jesus scholar and author of the bestseller Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time argues that the essential ingredients of a Christian life—faith, being born again, the kingdom of God, the gospel of love—are as vitally important today as they have always been, even during this time of conflict and change in the church. Borg wants to show us, as today's thinking Christians, how to discover a life of faith by reconceptualizing familiar beliefs. Being born again, for example, has nothing to do with fundamentalism, but is a call to radical personal transformation. Talking about the kingdom of God does not mean that you are fighting against secularism, but that you have committed your life to the divine values of justice and love. And living the true Christian way is essentially about opening one's heart—to God, and to others. Above all else, Borg believes with passion and conviction that living the Christian life still makes sense. 

Answering the Toughest Questions about God and the Bible (231 BIC)

Bickel, Bruce & Stan Janz

These days, many people question God and the Christian story or are troubled by the behaviors of Christians. In a thoughtful, candid way, this book asks the big questions: Is God real and how can I know? Does God really care about me and my life? While some answers are provided, there is enough space and grace for you to wrestle and doubt and dig deeper. 

The God We Never Knew: Beyond Dogmatic Religion to a More Authentic Contemporary Faith (231 BOR)

Borg, Marcus J.

How to have faith—or even think about God—without having to stifle modern rational thought is one of the most vital challenges facing many of us today. Marcus J. Borg, author of the bestselling Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, traces his personal spiritual journey to the discovery of an authentic yet fully contemporary understanding of God. In a compelling, readable way, he leads us from the distant, authoritarian God of our childhood to an equally powerful, dynamic adult image of God—"the beyond in our midst," the life spirit that is within us and all around us—that reconciles faith with science, history, critical thinking, and religious pluralism. 

Restoring All Things: God’s Audacious Plan to Change the World Through Everyday People (231 SMI)

Smith, Warren Cola and John Stonestreet

It's easy to get discouraged by the headlines. It can often feel as if God has left the building, like we are on our own. We want to believe God's promises to us, and we search for signs of his continuing restoration of the world in which we live. Now, with passion and heart, two leading experts on Christianity and culture cut through the chaos and uncertainty to show readers how God is powerfully active and intensely engaged in fulfilling his promise to restore all things unto himself. Through inspiring real-life stories of justice, mercy, love, and forgiveness in our midst, Smith and Stonestreet present a God who is intimately involved in his creation and using his church to work out the redemption of this world. 

The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions (232 BOR)

Borg, Marcus J. and N. T. Wright

Borg and Wright agree that Jesus was the Christian messiah and preached the Kingdom of God, but they disagree about the Virgin birth, the purpose of Jesus' death, the issue of his bodily resurrection, and the question of his divinity. 


Hope Sings: Risk More. Dream Bigger. Fear Less (234 AUG)

Aughtmon, Susanna Foth

In Hope Sings, author Susanna Foth Aughtmon provides an uplifting and encouraging book for anyone going through times of darkness and discouragement. But this is also for someone needing a boost — a reminder that faith will see us through and allow us to find peace and calm in the busyness of our lives. 

With Us Always: Daily Devotions Framed By The Movies (234.5 SMI)

Smith, Alydia, Ed.

Zooming in on key scenes from popular movies and finding parallels in the biblical narrative, this book of Lenten devotions demonstrates how our faith journey can be explored and energized through popular culture. 


Forgiveness: A Lenten Study (234.5 THO)

Thompson, Marjorie J.

Forgiving others and humbly asking for forgiveness are central disciplines for all Christian believers. Lent, a time to reflect on our Christian journey is an appropriate time to deepen our understanding and practice of forgiveness. Marjorie J. Thompson, author of the best-selling book Soul Feast, takes a close look at our understanding of forgiveness in this encouraging study. In six brief chapters, Thompson addresses such questions as the following:

  • Is forgiveness a Christian duty under all circumstances? Or are there situations when Christians do not need to forgive?
  • Is forgiveness a matter between individuals, or is it meaningful only in the context of communities?
  • Is forgiving the best route to healing for the injured?
  • How do we get past emotional barriers to real forgiveness?