365 Bedtime Devos for Girls (J 242 VEG)


Share the lessons found in VeggieTales with your little girl! In 365 Bedtime Devos for Girls, each reading contains kid-friendly essays on topics such as honesty, generosity, forgiveness, and kindness. Other readings contain Bible verses to discuss or memorize, and others focus on "Big Ideas" from notable Christian thinkers. Every reading gives you the opportunity to share God's wisdom with your daughter.

Tianna the Terrible (J F RIS)

Rispin, Karen

Being twelve isn't easy. But Anika Scott, who has joined her parents as a missionary in Kenya, uses her faith and trust in God and His words as guidance to help her through her adolescent problems. Join Anika in her exciting and often dangerous adventures where using God and her own ingenuity she makes discoveries about the truth in the world. What do you do when you've been thrown into a world that scares and confuses you? What if the one person who is supposed to help you adjust to your frightening situation is just plain mean? Watch Anika discover the answers to these difficult questions and more in her latest adventure. She will need to use all of God's gentle words and guidance to put up with Tianna the Terrible.      

Naomi’s Road (J F KOG)

Kogawa, Joy

First published to critical acclaim in 1986, Naomi's Road is the story of a girl whose Japanese-Canadian family is uprooted during the Second World War. Separated from their parents, Naomi and her brother Stephen are sent to an internment camp in the interior of British Columbia. For the young girl growing up, war only means that she can no longer return to her home in Vancouver, or see her parents. Told from a child's point of view and without a trace of anger or malice, Naomi's Road has been praised as a powerful indictment of the injustice of war and the government's treatment of Japanese-Canadian citizens, both during and well after World War II.    

The Amazing Bible Factbook (J 220)

American Bible Society

What better way to present the fascinating facts, trivia, lessons and really cool stuff hidden in the pages of the Bible than through a new almanac style full-colour book? This highly designed colourful reference book will engage kids with hundreds of lists, timelines, quizzes, maps and other captivating details about Biblical times and the people and stories of the Bible itself.