Oakbank United Church has been providing worship services and a faith community to the congregation in Oakbank for over 75 years. Now that we are hopeful that the peak impact of the pandemic has passed, we see this as an opportunity for growth and renewed vibrancy.

Oakbank United Church is looking for a Family Engagement Coordinator to work approximately 10 hours per week.

This position would focus initially on our Sunday School and engaging young families in the community through a variety of events such as traditional Sunday School, Messy Church, School Inservice Day programming, and any other creative initiatives. This position would be responsible for planning the events and would be supported by our Fellowship Committee, CE/Youth Committee and congregation. We currently use some social media to promote our events and can live stream services or events.

At our peak of Sunday School about 2 years prior to the pandemic there were about 65 children registered for Sunday School. We have a very robust youth program so the focus initially would be for younger children Elementary School age and Preschool. We will need someone that is creative, enjoys event planning and can bring a faith-based theme to the planning to support the faith journey of the young families in our community. We have recently completed a survey of our existing families to provide guidance initially and support moving forward in this role. We are also looking to grow in our faith community and deliver more family friendly community events that welcome any member of the community to the building.

As this is a new role, it will be expected that this person works closely with a few members of the Board and Staff and provides monthly reports on activities to the M&P Committee to share at monthly board meetings. We are very excited about this opportunity and the growth potential for our congregation. If you are looking for a chance to share your creativity, love of people and grow in a faith community, this is a perfect opportunity for you.