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We trust you have had a brilliant summer and are slowly re-adjusting to the idea of fall time, children returning to school, and to church and all other family activities.

We at Oak Bank United Church have lots to celebrate and to share with each one of you!

The first thing is we have a new Minister who joined our ministry team in July, and she is really eager to meet you! Her name is Kristin Woodburke. Don’t be shy if you are thinking about coming to church and are worried you may not know any one, you and Kristin will immediately have something in common!

Sunday School and Youth Class is already planned with a fun filled year of learning about God’s love in wonderfully creative ways.

Messy Church will be happening again so stay tuned for that.

We are open now – each Sunday regular time of 10.45 AM; September 9 is Sunday school registration.

September 30 is “Bring a Friend Sunday.”  This is not just for the children and youth; adults are also encouraged to bring a friend! It is a great day to do that because immediately following the service there is lunch! (Includes kid friendly food!) Everyone is invited.

So do come and join us – we will be so happy if you do, and we know you won’t regret it!

The Ministry Team

P.S. For more activities, keep checking the website.