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Our 2019 Dinner Theatre Show Just John has begun rehearsals, and it’s time to start looking for the volunteers essential to making this another successful production. The 14 shows run over four long weekends (Thurs-Sun) between January 17 and February 8, 2019.

There are a number of Committees looking for your help, some of which are:


Bringing food for the cast and volunteers to enjoy, as well as helping in the Lower Kitchen each performance evening.   

  • Donate a dish that serves 10 people such as chilli, casserole, or a dessert.

  • Donate your time—we need 2 people per shift from 4.30-7.30 PM or 7.30-10.30 PM to assist in the hospitality room to prepare food, ensure food spread is replenished, and clean up. 

A friendly atmosphere is essential and there will always be someone there to show anyone new the ropes. We welcome anyone that is wiling to assist in either or both requests for help.  

Lead: Jane Wells-Farrell                                                                     


Greeters cheerfully welcome and seat our guests each evening. We help get meals for those with mobility problems and also keep the bathrooms stocked and clean. We always have fun!

Lead: Phyllis Gridley (204.799.6384)


Serve soup, coffee/tea, remove dirty dishes from assigned tables (evening).

Lead: Sue Proskurnik


Washing dinner/dessert dishes, glasses/cups, pots, etc. (evening).

Lead: Hans Peper


  • Making sure the servers have everything they need at north kitchen door (evening)
  • Food preparation (afternoon/evening)
  • Steam table serving over dinner (evening)

Leads: Kim Reid and Barb Kyle

Spud Prep

Preparing potatoes the morning of each performance.

Lead: Larry Smith

Set Up

Setting tables the morning of each performance (except Sundays).

Lead: Barb Zawada

Clean Up

Clearing tables, cleaning floors and washrooms after each performance (evening).

Lead: Barb Zawada


Washing tea towels, dish cloths and aprons. Returned for the next day.

Lead: Barb Zawada


Please give thoughtful consideration to signing up with one or more of these Committees after Church on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18. Tables will be set up in the Narthex, so bring your calendars and be a part of the fun and fellowship of this church-wide event!

Check out for more information and exact dates.

Thank you so much!