An ever-changing backdrop for outdoor activities and adventures

Five boys in hoodies hang out around a large rock in a forest
Credit: Cave Springs Camp

On a windy weekday morning in February, you might expect a camp to be quiet, anxiously awaiting the hustle and bustle that summertime will bring. But on the escarpment in Lincoln, ON, Cave Springs Camp is anything but quiet.

A Nature School for youth operates daily on the lower floor of the new Conference Centre. Staff take bookings for weddings, corporate events, and birthdays, and in the afternoon a youth group will arrive to enjoy the year-round facilities.

Cave Springs Camp hasn’t always been this way. Not so long ago, programming would only run in the summertime, with some bookings into the fall if weather permitted.

Program Director Lance Wright enthusiastically expresses his deep gratitude for the people who have made year-round facilities and programs possible. Looking outside on a February weekday, Lance can see children at the Nature School experimenting with the wind instead of hiding from it indoors on a phone or computer. Lance’s passion for creating lifelong memories and inspiring faith and self-confidence shines through his work to build a caring and dynamic community atmosphere.

From the vibrant colours of spring to the warm sunshine of summer, the crisp air of fall, and the magical snow-covered landscapes of winter, Cave Springs Camp provides an ever-changing backdrop for people of all ages to appreciate outdoor activities and adventures.

Your generosity through Mission and Service is helping children, teens, and adults to reconnect with nature at any time of the year. Thank you.