“When we come together and get to know each other, we have a community.”

A woman points at a whiteboard covered in English and Ukrainian words.
Credit: Simon Chambers/ACT Alliance

Signing up for a course is both exciting and nerve-wracking. We think about what skills we’ll learn, how quickly we’ll see improvement, and how naturally “talented” we may be.

In Sambir, Ukraine, English teacher Ilona is encouraging her learners to challenge that way of thinking and enjoy the aspect of social time with one another while learning English. This class, supported by Mission and Service partner ACT Alliance, is part of a psychosocial support program for Ukrainians displaced by war. Ilona and her family were also displaced by the conflict in Ukraine, and she is now actively contributing to the well-being of others in similar situations.

While online learning expands opportunities and access to learning, distance learners miss crucial social engagement and human interaction. Ilona shares, “When we come together and get to know each other, we have a community. We can open up and share our thoughts, feelings, and experiences.” In a low-pressure learning environment, students can feel comfortable as they learn skills and learn about each other.

Thank you for the support you show to through Mission and Service as our neighbours endure the ongoing impacts of war and conflict.