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Our gifts for Mission & Service support programs for youth.

In August 2017, close to 600 youth, young adults, and youth leaders gathered in Montreal to sing, dance, learn, and be inspired to share their voices with a world and a church in desperate need of hearing them.

Rendez-vous is a national United Church get-together that happens every three years in different locations around Canada.

Rendez-vous 2017 met in Montreal at Concordia University. The theme was “Be the Church.” The conversations were passionate as youth and young adults explored their faith on a deep level. There was an inclusivity among participants, as the many who had never been to Rendez-vous were quickly included in groups that had bonded over the years.

Each day began with gathering music, often top-40 dance hits that got the group moving, followed by inspiring speakers. These included Paola Márquez from Colombia, who spoke about how supporting Mission & Service is the best way to make a huge difference; Aidan Legault, who talked about using our voices for change; Rodger Nishioka, who shared his wisdom and humour each day; and Moderator Jordan Cantwell, who shared a message of hope for the church. Inspiring music came from Rick Gunn and the band ReGenesis and singer Coco Love Alcorn. All who gathered left at the end of the four days inspired and ready to truly be the church!

Thank you so much for making gatherings like Rendez-vous possible through your gifts for Mission & Service.

Source: The United Church of Canada
Photo credit: Georgia Barrett-Lamey