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Our gifts for Mission & Service enable people with disabilities to flourish.

In China, the Amity Foundation offers programs for people on the margins—people like Zhou Jian, a 34-year-old baker who has been working at the Amity Bakery since it opened in 2007. As a child, Zhou Jian was placed in an institution where he stayed until 2004, when he was given the opportunity to live at Amity Foundation’s Home of Blessings for those who are developmentally challenged. When he arrived at the home at age 21, he did not understand the concept of words or numbers. Slowly, under the loving care of Amity teachers, he mastered these skills. Zhou Jian was then ready to take on another challenge by working in the bakery. He has grown in skill to become one of the main bakers.

Zhou Jian is constantly learning new techniques, proudly mastering each new challenge. He displays so much pride in the mouth-watering baked goods he produces that he has become the face of the Amity Bakery. His smiling face can now be seen on billboards and posters around China!

At the Amity Foundation’s 30th anniversary celebration in 2015, it was Zhou Jian who welcomed everyone and invited the guests to taste the cake that he and the other bakers had so lovingly prepared. We are thankful for the loving way that the Amity Foundation offers developmentally challenged individuals like him the opportunity to live out their passion for creating and learning. As we live out our faith of loving our neighbour, we do so in celebration of Mission & Service global partners like Amity Foundation.

Source: The United Church of Canada
Photo credit: Martin Lachmann