A meaningful gift is a simple click away.

The 2023 Gifts with Vision catalogue hangs on a Christmas tree
Credit: The United Church of Canada

“I don’t want anything for Christmas. I really don’t need anything this year.”

This is something many of us have heard, and maybe something we’ve found ourselves saying. And while it may be true, despite not wanting or needing anything, gifts are going to happen anyway. Instead of searching “gifts for someone who is hard to buy for,” why not give Gifts with Vision?

Gifts with Vision is a way to give gifts from the comfort of home, with no packaging or wrapping needed. Instead of gadgets and fleeting trends, Gifts with Vision is full of gifts that will help transform people’s lives throughout Canada and across the world. When placing your order, you’ll be able to add an e-card, including a delivery date, for each gift.

Every Gift with Vision provides support for a specific Mission and Service partner offering a unique project. Without Mission and Service, Gifts with Vision projects would not be possible. Thank you for supporting both.

When Christmas rolls around, remember that a meaningful gift is a simple click away. If madly dashing around the mall on Christmas Eve is your gift-buying style, kick back and relax. Gifts with Vision has you covered!