When Silpa started her first degree, she spent two years as the only woman in a class of 16.

Portrait of Rev. B. Silpa Rani

Credit: Rev. B. Silpa Rani

In India, various social and cultural factors have resulted in limited access to theological education for women in comparison to men. The Rev. B. Silpa Rani is actively encouraging women to pursue theological education and engage in leadership roles.

When Silpa started her first degree in Theology, she spent two years as the only woman in a class of 16. Now, years later, as she works on her doctoral dissertation, she has seen a gradual increase in the enrolment of women in theological programs. While this is encouraging, Silpa recognizes that there is still a long journey forward. While she seeks to empower modern women, she is also working to shed light on the experiences of women and minorities of the past.

Silpa is the recipient of a theological education scholarship, which has paved her way forward to eventually join the faculty at Bishop's College, Kolkata. Currently, she is exploring the unique identity of the Qumran community within the context of the Dead Sea Scrolls. She is actively researching to identify the women, children, and minority groups of the society, drawing parallels between the Qumran context and contemporary Indian context.

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