MECC provides children the opportunity to learn and grow safely.

Multicoloured pencils arranged to form a heart

The start of a school year brings out a lot of questions from children. Will they like their teacher? Will they make new friends? But for children attending schools in Aleppo, Syria, the start of the academic year in September 2023 brought a welcome sense of normalcy after months of uncertainty.

In February 2023, earthquakes left people in parts of Türkiye and Syria facing the devastating loss of their loved ones, homes, and communities. And with their communities’ schools damaged or destroyed, children had nowhere safe to learn.

In addition to providing basic needs and cash assistance, Mission and Service partner The Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) was able to rehabilitate five school buildings in Aleppo before the start of the September 2023 school year. In the face of significant struggle, MECC is providing children with the opportunity to learn and grow safely.

Your gifts to Mission and Service support partners like MECC as they help children and families rebuild and recover in the wake of disaster.