Mission and Service partners provide real-time relief around the world on a daily basis.

Light streams through a tree covered in snow.
Credit: Lindsay Vautour

There is one thing that will never fail us: compassion.

Acts of compassion, both big and small, give rise to peace. We can’t wave a magic wand and bring about world peace, but with every act of compassion we harness the power of love, the same love Jesus lived and died for and that he promised would move mountains.

At a time when it feels like there’s a new crisis confronting us each and every day, it’s reassuring to know that Mission and Service partners provide real-time relief around the world on a daily basis.

That’s why your generosity matters so much.

The food security initiatives, refugee support work, educational programs, and emergency and advocacy efforts your gifts through Mission and Service support aren’t just about food, safety, education, and human rights. They are ultimately about compassion, peace, and hope. And in a world where division tears the fabric that binds us together, that’s everything.

Jesus put compassion into action every day he lived. He brought hope into every room he walked into. He was literally the calm in the storm. He stretched out his arms in the ultimate sacrifice of love, and the world was never the same.

Every act of compassion contributes to a more peaceful world. Thank you for your generosity through Mission and Service. Your gifts truly do help move mountains.