• Scripture - Luke 15:11-24
  • Reflection - Maureen McCartney
  • Music Offering
    • Introit: Spirit, Open My Heart
    • Hymn: Dance with the Spirit
    • Hymn: When Jesus Called You “Father”
    • Benediction: Spirit God, Be Our Breath

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Maureen McCartney

Reflection - June 21, 2020 (PDF)

Music Offering

Introit: Spirit, Open My Heart
Performed by Stephen Cocks

Spirit, open my heart to the joy and pain of living.  
As you love may I love,  
in receiving and in giving,  
Spirit, open my heart.

Hymn: Dance with the Spirit

Listen to Jim and Jean Strathdee perform Dance with the Spirit.

Hymn: When Jesus Called You “Father”
Performed by Stephen Cocks 

When Jesus called you “Father” in teaching folks to pray,  
And when he said we’re children who need to trust your way,  
O God, he knew your closeness, your guidance from above.  
Perhaps in Joseph’s caring, he’d learned to trust your love.

Some cannot call you Father; they will not use that name.  
The fathers they have known here have caused them fear and pain;  
And though you’re like a father, you’re like a mother too.  
No single name can ever tell all we know of you.

Yet Jesus in his teaching described a father’s joy  
When, at his son’s returning, he ran to greet the boy.  
O God, when we have hurt you and struggled on our own,  
Just like that loving parent, you run to bring us home.

O God, you seek to save us, no matter what the cost;  
Our Father, your intention is no one will be lost.  
As Jesus called you “Abba”, and trusted in your plans,  
We trust in you to guide us! Our lives are in your hands.

You hold your children’s future when all will be made new.  
Your house has many dwellings so we may live with you.  
Just like a loving father, you answer when we pray.  
In thanks, may we your children now follow you each day.

Benediction: Spirit God, Be Our Breath
Performed by Stephen Cocks

Spirit God: be our breath, be our song.  
Blow through us, bringing strength to move on.  
Our world seems inward, defensive, withdrawn…  
Spirit God, be our song.

Spirit God: be our breath, be our song.  
Blow through us, bringing strength to move on.  
Through change, through challenge, we’ll greet the new dawn…  
Spirit God, be our song.


Music statement:

"Spirit, Open My Heart". Words by Ruth Duck 1994; Arr. Arthur G. Clyde 1997. Music: Traditional Irish Melody. Words copyright (c) 1996; Arr. copyright (c) 1997, The Pilgrim Press. One License #A-725403.

"When Jesus Called You Father". Words by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette 2015. Music: Public Domain. Words copyright (c) 2015 Carolyn Winfrey Gillette. Used with permission; all rights reserved.

"Spirit God, Be Our Breath". Words & Music by Bruce Harding 1997. Words & Music Copyright (c) 1997 by Bruce Harding, www.evensong.ca One License #A-725403.