1) Prayers of the People - Kristin Woodburke
2) Music Offering - Joy Comes with the Dawn and Take Time to Be Funny
3) Moderator's Online Worship

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Message from Our Ministers

Kristin Woodburke: Prayers of the People

Adapted from “Breathe Peace” by Rev. Melissa Hinnen

Loving God, shown to us in the Resurrected Christ, we praise you, for you show us the path of life that leads us to the fullness of joy. As you greeted your disciples with peace, and breathed upon them your blessing,

Breathe your peace upon us….
Enter our locked doors,
of churches, businesses, schools, prisons,
Enter the locked doors of the places we are right now, the homes where we shelter in isolation.

Breathe your peace upon us….
Heal our painful wounds
From viruses, physical injuries or illnesses, from loss, grief, prejudice, emotional hurt.

Breathe your peace upon us….
Give us courage to overcome our fear
of illness, of financial instability, of uncertainty,
of other people.

Breathe your peace upon us….
Fill our open empty arms,
comfort those of us who are yearning for touch, who feel isolated, lonely, and forgotten.

Breathe your peace upon all of us…for we all need your peace more than ever.
But today, especially, we ask you,

Breathe your peace upon all who work in healthcare, and upon the staff and residents of our local care homes, upon Cindy Chaput and Shirley Marshall, in Kin Place, upon Pete Dueck, with thanksgiving that he is out of hospital and back in Springfield Place, and upon Elsie McLeod in Middlechurch.

Breathe your peace upon those in our church family who continue through difficult circumstances: Phil & Annette McKay, Bob McLeod, Ron and Gladys McDonald, Pat Chabluk, Dave & Nettie Rayner, Audrey Blatz, and Barbara and John Bromilow.

Breathe your peace upon John Paulson, who is at home, but undergoing regular blood transfusions, upon Diane Sauvé, who is going through chemotherapy, upon Joyce Doherty in St. Boniface hospital, and Sam Doherty staying with their daughter, upon Stacey Walterson recovering from surgery, and upon Bruce MacLean, with thanksgiving for his positive scan result, and for his ongoing health.

Breathe your peace upon….

(lift up your own prayers)

Breathe your peace upon each of us,
Breathe your peace upon me, O God….

Fill me and move me with your Holy Spirit. Show me signs of your presence so that through my belief in you, my life may also breathe your peace into this world you so love. We pray all this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Risen Saviour, and we continue to pray with the words he taught us saying...


Maureen McCartney: Holy Humour Sunday

Music Offering

Performed by Stephen Cocks

Joy Comes with the Dawn - VU #166

Joy comes with the dawn,
Joy comes with the morning sun,
joy springs from the tomb and scatters the night with her song,
joy comes with the dawn.

Weeping may come;
weeping may come in the night,
when dark shadows cloud our sight.

Sorrow will turn,
sorrow will turn into song,
and God's laughter make us strong.

We will rejoice,
we will rejoice, and give praise,
to the One who brings us grace.


Take Time to Be Funny

Take time to be funny, rejoice in the Lord  
Let laughter explode and have fun with God’s Word
For laughter is healing, gives strength to the weak
God loves to see smiles, for they lift up the meek.

Take time to be silly, it’s good for the soul
Too many are somber, grabbing control.
Let go and let God’s love wash over your soul
Heavenly transcendence can be your life’s goal.

For humour is holy, it sanctifies life,
Replenishes hope and oft softens advice
It undercuts sorrow, deflates haughty pride
So smile and hang on, and rejoice in life’s ride. 

Music statement:

"Joy Comes with the Dawn". VU #166 - Words/Music Gordon Light 1985; arr. Nan Thompson 1995. W/M copyright 1985 The Common Cup Co., arr. copyright 1995 Nan Thompson. Permission to podcast/stream the music in this service obtained from ONE LICENSE with license #A-725403.

"Take Time to Be Funny". Words: Unknown; VU #672 Take Time to Be Holy - Music: Public Domain 


Moderator's Online Worship

Moderator Richard Bott reflects on the role of doubt in our faith and how it can lead us to experience the good news for ourselves.

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